• 065a9671About Sahm Ashena

Having two decades of experience in capital market and by having 73 billion Rials capital as a complete private broker and with no dependence on specific foundation or organ and through its stable management, Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co has always been the forerunner of brokers during its activity and acquired the single digit “A” rank in Stock Exchange and Iran Mercantile Exchange. This company has succeeded to acquire all required permits from Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) to offer services such as trading in the stock market, OTC market, stock and commodity futures, portfolio management, Company registration consultant, Initial Public Offering (IPO), investment consultant, financial data processing, and trading products listed in energy and commodities exchange including crude oil, metals, petrochemical, agriculture and cement and electricity.

  • Top Reasons

· Establishing the 1st branch of brokerage out of Iran in Toronto, Canada and London, England
· Establishing the 1st mutual fund in Iran
· Performing the 1st trade of invention in Intellectual Property Market
· Carrying out the 1st trade of petrochemical products in Iran Mercantile Exchange
· Carrying out the 1st futures trade of cumin in Iran Mercantile Exchange
· The 1st registration of electric goods in Energy Exchange

  • Our Mission

Continuous improvement of service quality appropriate to the day conditions and investors’ needs so as to be held accountable for its customers’ confidence.

  • Our Vision

Sustainable development along with quality in presenting services and also become a leading brokerage in field of foreign investment and finally becoming the most specialized brokerage in Iran’s capital market.

  • Our Values

We recruit the best people for our company

We focus on long-term relationship with our customers and employees

We strive for excellence through continues improvement

  • Social Responsibility

Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co in order to meet its social responsibilities decided to establish charity funds and spend the earnings from these funds on charity affairs.

A) Perspolis Charity Mutual Fund

Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co has established this fund to meet its social responsibilities and all the proceeds from this fund will be spent on academic facilities and revive the formers of Perspolis club.

 B) Mustafa Prize Fund

The Mustafa Prize is a top science and technology award granted to the top researchers and scientists of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states biennially.

The award seeks to encourage education and research and is set to play the pioneering role in developing regional relations between science and technology institutions working in the OIC member countries. It also aims to improve scientific relation between academics and researchers in order to facilitate the growth and perfection of science in the OIC member states.

Given that one of the main policies of Sahm Ashena is to fully support and encourage education and science development, the company decided to establish Mustafa Prize Fund in order to support the award and one of the main unit holders of this fund is Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al-Madani the president of Islamic Development Bank.

  • Our Employees

We are committed to provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of our company.

The Board of Directors


                Shahriar Shahmiri



                Shahram Shahmiri



                       Hasti Kakhi

                    Member of the Board

The Management Team


                  Mahyar Baghaee

              Chief Operating Officer


                  Amin Shekarriz

 Mercantile & Energy Exchange Manager


                  Mehdi Mafakheri

                  Chief Financial Officer


                   Mostafa Hesan

             Human Resource Manager


                   Pedram Armat

           International Affairs Manager


                Davood Khameneh

                      Internal Manager



              Masoumeh Tahmoresi

         Fixed Income Trading Manager


                   Pejman Safinia

                Stock Trading Manager


                   Ahmad Ahmadi

                    Reception Manager