Our expertise is leveraged through Sahm Ashena’s 4 core activities:

  • Brokerage Services

  • Advisory & Research Reports

  • Fund Management & Establishment

  • Financial Services

Brokerage Services:

Unique brokerage services in the region

Capital Market – Sahm Ashena has an extensive track record in all four markets including Tehran Stock Exchange and Iran Fara Bourse (OTC) and also Iran Mercantile Exchange & finally Energy Exchange. We work with clients to help them invest their money into Iran Capital Market and also assist them in consultation to finance ongoing operations, strategic acquisitions and other projects.

Sahm Ashena is ready to provide all specialized services for domestic and international clients:

·         Securities trading and derivatives in TSE & OTC market (equities, bonds, sukuk, futures, options)

·         Supply and registration consultant  for companies to be listed in TSE & OTC market

·         Performing offline and online trading services in TSE & OTC market

·         Commodities and securities trading based on products in Iran Mercantile Exchange (metal, Petrochemical, agricultural, cement and future contracts)

·         Securities and goods registration consultant based on commodity to be accepted in Iran Mercantile Exchange

·         Transaction of electricity, energy carriers and securities in Energy Exchange

·         Power plants, energy carriers and securities registration consultant based on new energy carriers to be inserted in energy exchange board

Financing consultation through issuance of securities.

Advisory & Research Reports:

Unique coverage, trusted analysis

The Sahm Ashena Research & analysis team comprises economic and finance experts who have broad experience of covering all sectors of industries who listed in TSE.

Our current product offering includes:

·         Economic Outlook Reports: Raw data and analysis of key macroeconomic indexes of Iranian economy based on reports and data published by official authorities.

·         Industry Reports: Raw data analysis of global, regional and domestic environmental characteristics of individual industries and analysis of key factors affecting price, demand and supply based on available databases and the research team’s expertise.

·         Company Reports: Raw data and analysis of individual companies. Financial statement analysis and forecasting individual firms’ future performance based on published financial statements, economic and industrial trends and the research team’s expertise.

·         Tailor-Made Research Reports: Sahm Ashena can also offer tailor-made research reports in related areas upon the request of our customers

·         Investment Advisory: Iran SEO authorized the notion of Investment Adviser, an entity entitled to publish its professional opinion on securities prices, publish valuation reports and give advice to buy, sell or hold a security.

Fund Management & Establishment:

Fund management of Sahm Ashena has been positioning itself as the powerful arm of the whole company, offering alternative investment opportunities, such as Amin Ashena fixed income fund which offer interest rate of 25% annually and currently its total net assets is more than $46,000,000.

Regarding fund establishment, we are able assist foreign entities who intend to establish a fund in Iran capital market and with solutions that we offer to them they can solely cope with legal and practical difficulties regarding the establishment process. Besides, we could also support entities to manage their funds and hire qualified employees.

At present Sahm Ashena Has 7 funds under its management which includes equity fund, charity fund, fixed income fund and market making fund.

Fixed income funds:

·         Amin Ashena Fixed Income Fund: This fund with average of 25% annual returns has ranked the best performer among all the fixed income funds and is one of the best investment options among fixed income funds and the fund’s liquidity is guaranteed by Bank of Hekmat Iranian. The total net assets of this fund is above $46,000,000.

·         Ayandeh Ashena Fixed Income Fund: Ayandeh Ashena Fixed Income fund is established on 7/11/2010 which its total net assets is more than $2,000,000. The management of this fund, not only consider the performance and its returns but also reflect the risk index is also the focus of Ayandeh Ashena’s attention.

Mutual Fund:

·         Sahm Ashena Mutual Fund: Sahm Ashena Mutual Fund is established on 3/18/2014 and its total net assets is above $2,000,000. This fund always has been among the top mutual funds in terms of returns during its activities.

Social Responsibility:

Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co in order to meet its social responsibilities decided to establish charity funds and spend the earnings from these funds on charity affairs.

.          Perspolis Charity Mutual Fund

Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co has established this fund to meet its social responsibilities and all the proceeds from this fund will be spent on academic facilities and revive the formers of Perspolis club.

.          Mustafa Prize Fund

The Mustafa Prize is a top science and technology award granted to the top researchers and scientists of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states biennially.

The award seeks to encourage education and research and is set to play the pioneering role in developing regional relations between science and technology institutions working in the OIC member countries. It also aims to improve scientific relation between academics and researchers in order to facilitate the growth and perfection of science in the OIC member states.

Given that one of the main policies of Sahm Ashena is to fully support and encourage education and science development, the company decided to establish Mustafa Prize Fund in order to support the award and one of the main unit holders of this fund is Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al-Madani the president of Islamic Development Bank.

Market Making Funds:

.         Mapna Ashena Market Making Fund: Since August 2014 Sahm Ashena is proud to be the market maker of Mapna Group Company as a greatest contractor of government in terms of technical & engineering services

.         Hekmat Iranian Yekom Market Making Fund: This fund is established on November 2014 and the aim of this fund is to perform the market making operation of the equity of Hekmat Iranian Bank.

Asset Management:

The expertise of our team allows us to address the specific needs of our customers considering their unique investment objectives and risk aversion.

Currently Sahm Ashena has managing 16 private portfolio under its management with value of above $4,000,000.

Financial Services:

Given its licenses obtained from SEO and by utilizing its experienced team in Financial Services Department, Sahm Ashena is ready to provide services to its customers in the following areas at the highest level:

1)  Financing: Sahm Ashena is ready to provide services to its customers in the field of financing, using different methods under the regulations of capital and money market in Iran. Financing through the issue of securities according to customers’ requirements will be available in the following methods:

1-1) Capital increase: In this process, the company generates profits for its shareholders by attracting new financial resources leading to prevention of the outflow of existing resources. The capital increase is possible through the following ways:

•    Demands of shareholders

•    Cash

•    Retained earnings

•    Other deposits

•    Revaluation of assets

1-2) Issuance of debt bonds: When the firm’s reputation and size are appropriate, instead of benefiting from financial intermediaries such as banks or credit institutions; it can directly equip its required financial resources through issuing debt bonds directly from the capital market. Currently, different types of debt bonds are as follows:

•    Bonds

•    Certificate of deposit bonds

•    Ejarah bonds

•    Morabaha bonds

•    Estesna bonds

•    Salaf standadrd parallel bonds

1-3) Issuance of convertible debt bonds into shares: is the combination of the two methods above, which means when debt bonds are due, the holder has the authority to be a shareholder of the company based on the number of debt bonds that they have.

1-4) Establishment of investment funds for the aim of financing: establishment of “Civil project fund’’ and ‘’project fund’’ are two different examples type of financing in construction projects.

2)  Financial advisory:

•    Merger and acquisition

•    Corporate restructuring

•    Providing commercial business plan and feasibility reports

•    Offering Consultancy services for private joint stock companies to transform to public joint stock company

•    Establishment of investment and holding companies

3)  Valuation & Assessment: In financial literature, valuation and assessment of securities are defined as the process of estimating the value of items which for various reasons such as the transfer of ownership, IPO, mergers and acquisitions, valuation of wealth, the creation of value and so on need to be valued. By enjoying on its experienced team, Sahm Ashena is ready to provide services in the area of valuation & assessment to its customers.

4)  IPO & Listing Companies : By relying on our remarkable experience in registration of companies and IPO ’ affairs and with the aim of contributing to the growth and prosperity of the capital market, Sahm Ashena is ready to provide consulting services, following up and acquiring necessary licenses from authorities as registration advisor. Also by considering the advantages of the presence of the companies in stock market and OTC market such as the increase of information transparency, companies’ daily value, tax exemption, capability of companies’ stock for being used as security for payment of the debts, the companies’ interest in being present in the stock market has grown dramatically nowadays. The record of Sahm Ashena in this field includes registration of Nouri Petrochemical Company, Caspian Sea Shipping, Hekmat Iranian Bank and acquiring the permit to increase the capital of Day Insurance Company and Etc.

5)  Other services: commercialization and providing business plan in intellectual properties market

After the launch of intellectual property market in the third market of Farabourse and the need to provide the necessary documents in order to do trade in this market, our company has tapped into the knowledge of its experts in financial services to present business plans based on intellectual property and the necessary documentation required for the commercialization of this market to offer them in Farabourse.