President Rouhani Invites Bulgarian Investors, Entrepreneurs to Iran

“Implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (July nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers) has paved the ground for the further expansion of cooperation between Iran and the EU, specially Bulgaria, in economic, cultural and political fields,” Rouhani said during the phone talk on Wednesday.

“Iran is interested in the development of economic and cultural cooperation with Bulgaria and welcomes the presence and partnership of Bulgarian entrepreneurs and investors in our country’s plans and projects,” he added.

Plevneliev, for his part, invited President Rouhani for an official visit to Sofia, and said, “We are ready to provide the best conditions and possibilities for the Iranians in Bulgaria and we, specially, seek strengthening of trade and cultural ties with Tehran.”

Prior to the implementation of the nuclear deal last week, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov paid a visit to Tehran in December.

During the visit, he described Iran as one of the most proper and important countries to meet the European Union’s needs to gas supplies.

“Iran is among the most important resources to diversify gas resources for the EU,” Mitov said in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran.

“Bulgaria is the gate of entrance to the EU and Iran can play an important role in the energy sector,” he added.

Stressing that during his meetings in Tehran both sides have found important grounds for the development of relations, Mitov said, “We can take steps towards the expansion and deepening of ties through these fields.”

Thanks to holding world’s largest gas reservoirs, Iran has announced that it is studying a host of schemes for presence in the international and European gas markets in addition to exporting it to the neighboring countries.

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