International Financing Opportunities with Focus on Issuing Debt Securities and Offering Iranian Company’s Shares in Global Market

For the first time in Iran, Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co and Tehran Stock Exchange held the conference with subject of ‘’international financing opportunities with focus on issuing debt securities and offering Iranian company’s shares in global market’’.

Along the international activities of Sahm Ashena Brokerage Co in the field of facilitating and attracting foreign investment; this conference was held in Espinas Hotel in date of April 8, 2017 attended by more than 100 companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange and Farabourse with the participation of Visor Capital & Sturgeon Capital along with the speech of Dr. Ghalibaf CEO of TSE and Dr. Bijani Vice-Chairman of Securities & Exchange Organization in international and foreign investment affairs and also 2 senior directors of Visor Capital and one of the directors from Sturgeon Capital.